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    Welcome To Lunarays Professional
    iPhone Repair Center

    iPhone Authorization Service Center

    We have all faced problems with our iPhones at some point or the other when we least expected it. A cracked screen, water damage or any other issue with your iPhone – Lunarays is here to bring new life to your iPhone.

    We Specialize In Repairing Your iPhone Completely.

    Screen Replacement

    if your iPhone screen is broken or the touch screen is not working then the iphone display assembly might need a replacement

    iPhone Not Turning On

    There are many reasons for your MacBook not turning on . Depending on the diagnosis the MacBook battery, MacBook display ,or the motherboard might need need to be repaired or replaced

    iPhone Not charging

    if your iPhone is not charging then the charging port of your iPhone might need replacement

    iPhone Water Damage

    if you dropped your iPhone in water then depanding on the extent of the damage we can bring it back to life

    Heating Issues

    If your iPhone is heating too much due to fall or liquid spillage then the iPhone must be diagnosed for issues with logic board of the battery

    Not Able To Hear

    If you are not able to haar the voice of the caller then the earplece speaker must be replacement

    Rear Camera Not Working

    if you are not able to take photos from your iphone rear camera or if the camera is damaged then the same camera can be replaced

    iPhone Water Damage

    if your iphone is not holding charger or if the battery is draining fast then your iPhone battery might need to be replaced

    iPhone Is Locked

    if your phone is disabled after trying the password many times then we can restore the iPhone to factory settings

    Why Choose Lunarays Apple Service Center​ ?

    Offering the best laptop repair services in our area, we are the top choice of customers because of the following reasons –

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